IBAG High Speed Spindles

Largest spindle we produced. Length: 1850mm. Weight: 1000 kg.

CustomTech has been the Scandinavian IBAG agent since 2001.
IBAG, a Swiss Company and one of the world leader in HF High Frequency Motor Spindles and Spindle systems.

We offer IBAG ”Standard” spindles as well as and Customized spindles just for your application, spindles and complete spindle systems.
We also offer our High-Speed technology for other special applications.

Please contact us at CustomTech Sweden AB for more information, we offer full technical support from ide to finished application.

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IBAG Head office and factory in Kloten, Switzerland.

Spindle repair and service

Contact us at CustomTech when you need to have your spindle repaired or serviced.

Att IBAG France we have one of the European leading spindle repair facilities. Here we repair different spindle brands and spindle types.