Company History


Year 2000 I started this company, at that time the name was Improve Vetlanda AB. The goal was to develop and build special machines and robot applications, mainly for the aluminum industry. During those years we have been working international with several delivered machines and process lines.

A big part of the business has included IBAG High Speed Spindles and since 2001 we have been agent for those spindles in Scandinavia. 2004 we changed name to IBAG Scandinavia AB.

Another part of us is NIKOM, a well-known brand in saw and machining lines for the aluminum and Façade-window industry.

As we have a big interest in American cars and Motorcycles, we also started some years back Backyard Bikes And Hotrods as a second business there we rebuild and customize cars and motorcycles.

Since september 2022 we have taken this new name CustomTech Sweden AB for the main company and included all our areas into the same company. We also extended the building and have now all under the same roof.

Together we will make new history…

Our building when we moved in 2011